Top Food Truck Technology You Should Invest In


Food trucks have been gaining a lot of hype in recent years, and all of it is well deserved. The low investment requirements and minimal risks involved make food trucks very popular for anyone planning to start a business. Whether you’re a new owner or a food truck veteran, you should know about the different food truck technology to invest in.

With almost all restaurants having an online ordering system, why should food trucks miss out? Getting a customized app for your food track can allow you to incorporate features like Order Ahead, Curbside, sending Push Notifications and Text, Automatic Locations, Loyalty & Rewards, Live Menu Updates, and many more.

It can be a little confusing at first to figure out which types technology you should invest in for your food truck. More importantly, where would you even get someone to build you an app? It would probably be really expensive right? Let’s find out!


What Food Truck Technology Should You Invest In?


In the age of technology, everything can be done online. And having a food truck is no different. By incorporating technology into your business plan, you can make your daily work life easier and even boost your sales. The best way to do this is to get an app that offers a bunch of different features all in one place. But what kind of features would you need?


Point Of Sale Compatibility

Having a mobile Point-of-Sale system or a “POS system” is almost a given nowadays. It makes accepting customer payments more convenient and efficient. Whether it be keeping track of inventory, reviewing sales metrics or issuing receipts, everything is much easier with a POS system.

But how can you get an App with great features that fits together with your POS?

Luckily, our Apps we create for Food Truckers and restaurant owners are fully compatible with Square and Clover POS, so we make it painless while transitioning to using a custom App!

You can get a POS system using just your tablet or phone is you want to avoid the expensive and spacious machines out there. We highly recommend Square POS for their state of the art security and mobile reliability.


Order Ahead With Contactless Payments

Your food truck customers should have the option to order ahead from your App or website. This will greatly improve customer experience, as a lot of people opt to order ahead as opposed to waiting in line to order. Having no place to sit and wait can be very inconvenient. There’s no need to wait around in long lines and waste precious time! And with the pandemic issues the nation is facing, offering a contactless payment method is becoming very sought after by consumers!


Loyalty Program

You can introduce loyalty points for your customers. By signing up with your App, they will get instant push notifications and texts about new deals and specials instantly, and can even be updated in real-time about location changes.

Your Loyalty and Rewards Members are more likely to order more often when they feel a sense of loyalty and get a few perks. Doing this straight from their smart phone makes your ordering system effortless and smooth. Our custom apps  include an easy to use Loyalty program out of the box.


Customer Experience Features

Good customer experience can be the difference between your food truck business failing or succeeding. By allowing customers to check your menu, location, pay ahead with contactless payment and even cash in on some loyalty points while ordering ahead, will save them time and energy which in turn makes them enjoy interacting with your business.

Having your own App and online ordering checks all the boxes for creating happy customer experiences!


GPS & Auto Location

GPS Tracking is especially helpful for food trucks. Since food trucks can move and you might have to change the location for whatever reason, you can lose customers from a specific area.

Using GPS tracking allows customers to check the truck’s location in real-time. This feature is an easy and efficient way for your customers to find you.


Dynamic Menu Updates

No more having to go to 5 different places and update your menu! Having an App allows you to flip a switch for turning items on or off in an instant, while simultaneously updating everything in real time for your customers to have an accurate menu to order from


Location & Hours Auto Schedule

Food trucks need a Location and Schedule system for customers to use. This is where you can use automated scheduling so that times and locations are set in advance on an App. This makes it crystal clear for your customers to know when to order and where to go without having to constantly update details!


How Easy Is It To Start Using An App For Your Business?

All of these features sound fine and interesting, but how do you integrate them into your business? Not everyone has the time or money to hire an engineer to code a customized app for them. This is where Orderup Apps comes In! We will create and set up your very own, fully customized food ordering app from start to finish. You don’t need to write one line of code and it’s super affordable.

Whether you want to introduce online food ordering, increase customer buying frequency, or even start branching out on social media, Orderup has it all! You can do all this and more just by subscribing to a monthly plan. And the best part is, you can make changes easily and upgrade your app as your food truck grows!

Orderup is specially designed for food trucks and their mobile cuisine business model. But even if you expand your food truck business into a restaurant, later on, you can still use OrderUp to manage your business.

It’s very easy to get started with your customizable app, and you can be as hands-on or hands-free as you want. As soon as you sign up, we will get to work on your initial design and begin uploading your app to the Google and Apple app stores, so your customers can use it right away. There’s no long waiting period or endless meetings to design your app.



Now that you know which food truck technology to invest in, it’s time to get on board! Going digital and online with your food truck will not only make everything much more efficient but can also attract new customers and increase sales. So, what are you waiting for? Try out your very own food ordering app for Free today!


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