A Better Way To Food Truck - Podcast

Episode 2 | Greg Colella – Burgers Amore

This week we interview Greg Colella from Burgers Amore. His family has been in the food truck business for more than 30 years. They’ve gone from 1 to 100 food trucks.

Episode 3 | Patrick Bolanos – Trailer King Builders

This week we interview Patrick Bolanos from Trailer King Builders. Patrick is a talented, hard working individual who has built an extremely successful food truck manufacturing company in Houston Texas. Checkout Patrick’s Podcast – Working For A Dream


“Working For A Dream” With Patrick Bolanos is about the hard work and hustle it takes to build an empire. On a quest to help Nicaraguan students pursue careers as professional baseball players, entrepreneur Patrick Bolanos shares his story of climbing to the top in multiple industries. Coming from a background in finance and business development, Patrick shares his wisdom on this show and interviews iconic figures in the marketplace. 

Tune in for a show that will get you armed and ready to create your own dream life. It will take responsibility and hard work but with strong mentors and a will to succeed, you can do anything.

Episode 4 | Franchising a smoothie truck

This week we interview Lorri Wyndham from Smart Drinks. She talks about how Smart Drinks has been able to successfully franchise their brand. If you would like more information about Smart Drinks and their franchise, visit


Episode 5 | The Big Easy Sandwich

This week we interview Aracely Jarrell, she has a really inspiring story about how her and her husband built a successful food truck after a devastating health crisis. If you would like more information about The Big Easy Sandwich, visit


Episode 6 | The Detroit Deli Food Truck

This week we interview Julie Walsh in Fargo ND, she tells us how she was able to build a successful food truck called The Detroit Deli. She also has some great information on how you too can build a successful food truck business. If you would like more information about The Detroit Deli Food Truck, visit


Episode 7 | Spotz Gelato

This week we interview Beth Richardson, Owner of Spotz Gelato in Kentucky. She tells us how she was able to build a Gelato empire, with food trucks and several ‘brick and mortor’ shops, including one in Nicaragua! If you would like more information about Spotz Gelato, visit


Episode 8 | Beer Bones BBQ

This week we interview Brandon Patterson from Beer Bones BBQ. Brandon shares his thoughts on the food truck business, and tells us how he built a popular and unique BBQ trailer in southern IL

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