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The Surprising Benefits of Having Your Own Food Truck App

Benefits of Having Your Own Food Truck App

Food trucks are as American a concept as apple pie. With corner shop food trucks serving delicacies ranging from local burritos and quesadillas to exotic sushis and fishes, food trucks encompass the American love for food that can be consumed fast and on the go.

Food trucks are loved by one and all, hence the food truck business has survived the blow of the pandemic. It was poised to grow at over 7.5% year over year before the pandemic, but growth has slowed down to 2.5% in 2021.

As the pandemic’s impact on outdoor eating and on the food truck industry subsides, it is important to stand out and reach your customers where they are situated. This is where a custom food truck ordering app can help.

Benefits of your own customized food truck app

Become easy to find and notify regular customers of the same

 The issue that many customers of beloved food trucks face is with locating one. This is where a food truck locator app can help you be where your customers are and relocate as and when you see a drop in potential customers in an area. Inversely, the same app can help customers know your truck’s location and pick up their orders as convenient.

Make billing at POS a thing of the past

Often the time spent in billing each customer as they order can lead to customers leaving due to delays. A food truck ordering app customized for you can help customers place orders on the go and pay online while reducing crowding and delays at the truck counter.

Switch up the menu and let your followers know

A custom app for your food truck can help you customize the experience based on customer demand and seasonality. Some delicacies are seasonal and you can let your loyal customers know when special items will be back on-and-gone again. Create a one-on-one experience for your customers by keeping them up to speed with your menu all year round.

Set up custom alerts and notifications

Have a special offer that runs out by the end of the week? Let all your customers know with custom banner ads that show up as notifications on your food truck ordering app. Setting up special discounts and challenges for special customers such as graduating students can help you build a  name in the community, especially if you operate near a school or college.

Explore the possibilities of delivering food to customers far away

Sometimes customers may be interested in having your delicious food delivered instead. A custom food truck delivery app can help you set up an option of food delivery for far away customers. This is beneficial for food truck chains operating in multiple locations that can serve a wider area with customers.


If you operate a food truck and are looking to expand customer reach, offer customized experiences, and promote your food truck to a larger area than ever before, it’s time you checked out OrderUp. OrderUp Apps can help you set up your own food truck delivery pickup app in no time. With support for complex and seasonal menus, custom promotions for customer groups, in-app POS billing solutions, and a sharp focus on usability, OrderUp can enhance your food trucking experience to the next level.

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