Online ordering vs Custom Mobile Ordering App – What’s The Difference?


Today, emphasizing automation, technology, and innovation, it is all too easy to mix up words or forget the nuanced differences between systems and terms. We need to specify a critical difference between online ordering, mobile ordering, and web ordering systems. And when and where are one’s beginnings and ends.

A mobile or online ordering system can benefit the food and beverage industry and the restaurant and hospitality industries. Restaurants receive 70% of their digital orders from their apps or websites. Due to this, food service providers must consider to use this innovative technology and leverage mobile technology to provide a richer user experience. Digital and online ordering are now integral parts of the process. Therefore, it is crucial to know how online ordering differs from mobile App ordering and what that means for online and mobile restaurateurs.

Why use an App? You can use a mobile app to increase customer engagement and to provide a convenient ordering platform. By offering a mobile app, you will be able to distinguish yourself from competitors and connect with customers on a deeper level.


Mobile ordering app benefits for your customers

  • Ordering online is no longer a hassle.
  • A more transparent pricing system
  • It is convenient to order anywhere and anytime from the convenience of their phone.
  • Orders can be paid for in a variety of ways: cash, card, or loyalty points.
  • Using loyalty points to save when a particular place is frequented


Restaurants can also benefit from a mobile ordering app

  • App users are more likely to spend more as they have more time to think about their purchase in a relaxed way.
  • Orders can be handled more accurately by restaurants, increasing productivity
  • Customers are more likely to come back to restaurants that offer loyalty programs
  • The sales metrics of the restaurant can be checked easily without opening the registers and ordering books
  • A reduction in running costs and an improvement in efficiency
  • A huge time saver from not taking unnecessary phone calls or text orders.


An App provides instant contact to your customers 24/7

It has been independently verified that the average U.S. adult (18 or older) spends two hours and 51 minutes a day on their smartphones, according to ComScore’s 2017 Cross-Platform Future in Focus. The best way to reach your audience is to meet them where they are. By making your mobile app available, your customers will find it much easier to submit orders on their smartphones.


Loyalty programs in apps can solve the “last mile” problem

Mobile apps provide the easiest way for customers to purchase new items after receiving their personalized rewards since only mobile apps can offer a personalized reward system. You can promote the offer instantly by delivering the offer via push notification message to a customer’s mobile app. For a more in depth discussion on implementing a rewards program for your business, check out this article from our blog.


Meeting the expectations of your customers

Your customers will appreciate the convenience of mobile apps. Mobile apps offer the advantage of being customized to the user’s device. Your restaurant guests can interact with your app more effectively if you add mobile-specific features. Apps can be used anywhere and on a variety of devices.

Apps provide a convenient way for your customers to interact with your brand wherever and whenever they want. Customer satisfaction is substantially improved when a communication channel is created that works efficiently, which leads to an increase in sales.

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