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Getting Started with OrderUp Apps
Congratulations, you're about to level up your Business! Here's a brief outline of what's ahead. This series is designed to show you, in detail, how to successfully manage your new app. While we're designing and building your app, we want to make sure you're ready to roll as soon as you app is live in the app stores. The beauty of this course is that you can complete it at your convenience, and each segment is short and to-the-point So, if your ready, let's hop in and get started
OrderUp Apps – Crash Course
About Lesson

Welcome to our comprehensive training video series where we take you through the diverse toolkit available in the ‘Tools’ section of the OrderUp Apps User Portal. Prepare to supercharge your food truck business with an in-depth exploration of essential features, including:

⚙️ Configuration Settings

💳 Payment Settings

👩‍💼 System Admins

🎉 Incentives

🚗 Curbside

🌟 Loyalty Points

🛒 Guest Checkout

🔄 Rapid Re-Order

💰 Coupons

💡 Smart Tips

🌐 GPS Settings

🍽️ KDS Settings

📈 App Optimization

Join us in this training session to harness the full potential of the OrderUp Apps ‘Tools’ section. With these skills at your disposal, you’ll elevate your food truck business to new heights, providing exceptional service to your valued customers.

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