Food trucks… everywhere you turn, there is a food truck for whatever cuisine a hungry person could want. Mexican food trucks, Greek food trucks, BBQ food trucks and even snack food food trucks. Food trucks are the wave of the future no doubt. That’s why your business needs to have a food truck app. Food truck apps help businesses work more effectively and efficiently. Keep in mind billions of people have a smartphone or tablet, and they use these devices to find what they need while out in public. According to 35% of people, they have used their smartphone to order ahead food. This percentage is expected to increase.

A food ordering app can do so much for you – dramatically reduce phone calls, less waiting in line, contact-less payment, increased revenue and more. So, why wouldn’t you want to have a food ordering app that makes it easier for customers to find you and order their food?

5 Benefits Of Using An App For Your Food Truck Business

With everything you have to do for your business, you may wonder why a food ordering app would be an essential aspect. Remember, there are hundreds to thousands of restaurant apps in the App stores. People are using them for all kinds of reasons. What are some of these reasons your business needs an app?


There is so much convenience with food truck apps. For instance, you can use the app to send offers to users via the push notifications feature or an automated text message. An app makes it easier for your customers to find you (especially if you tend to move around). You can easily update locations on the fly, which will help them find you quicker.

Digital Payments

More people are turning to digital payments for their transactions. You can also learn what the sales were like for the day and what the incurred expenses were. You can develop a daily, weekly or monthly plan for your business, as well as having a better insight into when and where your getting the most sales.

Food Availability and Price Menu

With an app, customers can learn what your menu items are and what kinds of prices they can expect. The app can also be designed so they can order their food and let them know when the food is ready, as well as engaging with them on a deeper level with a ready to go loyalty program.

Improve User Experience

A food truck app will improve the user experience because it’s available to them whenever they want it (on their smartphone) This also cuts out other 3rd party fees and costs that can easily eat away at your profits. Having your own app means that they order directly from the source.

Understand Your Business Better

You can use the app to better understand the business’ reports and figures. You can see what orders were received, what kinds of dishes were ordered, how many people are using the app, how many orders were placed in a 24-hour time frame, etc.

What Features Should Be Incorporated Into Your App

If you decide your business could benefit from a food ordering app, you may be wondering what features should be incorporated into it. They include but are not limited to:


If your food truck business is to be successful, you want to tailor it to your customers’ needs and desires. Here are three things to do:

With 98 percent of people saying they would likely pay for their food bill via an app, this would be the time for your business to have one. If you want to continue your business’ growth, you must offer patrons an easy way to find you, order their food and pay for it. An app is the way you can offer this. Create your app to secure your business’ future.

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