The New Kiosk System From OrderUp Apps: Enabling Food Truck Owners To Enhance Their Customers Experience


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🚀 The Power of a Web-Based Kiosk

Traditional kiosks have their limitations, allowing only one person to place an order at a time. This often results in long lines, frustrated customers, and missed revenue opportunities. Additionally, traditional kiosks can be expensive pieces of equipment that are susceptible to damage, which can lead to unnecessary costs for your business.

Our Web-Based Kiosk for Food Trucks and Restaurants changes the game. Imagine a kiosk that can serve multiple customers simultaneously, making the ordering process swift, efficient, and enjoyable.

  • No Outrageous Setup Fees

    There are no setup fees for our Kiosks. Only a simple, and affordable month-to-month payment

  • No Ridiculous Hardware Costs

    Since our system uses hardware that your customers already have, there's no need to purchase expensive hardware

  • No Long Wait To Get Started

    Since there is no additional hardware needed, you won't have to wait for your Kiosk to be delivered. We can have you up and running in 24 hours *


Customers scan your custom QR Code

We design for you a personalized QR Code tailored to your brand, You can seamlessly integrate this QR Code into your print materials, signage, and various promotional items, allowing your customers to access your Kiosk effortlessly.


Customers order directly form their own device

Our team develops a custom web-based kiosk, designed for your brand, that you control from your own private Portal. Best of all, more than one person can order at once!


You send Text Message when order is ready

Our system let’s you send ‘Order Ready’ notifications directly from our Portal. As a bonus, these notifications can be triggered when you mark an order as ‘Ready’ in your Square dashboard.

👍 Easy Peasy!

NOTICE: We are official Square Partners, so this offer is only for Food Trucks and Restaurants currently using Square POS

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Only $24.99

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